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How to change your Instagram username

You are only permitted to change your username a certain number of times on some social media sites, but not at all on others. You can change your Instagram handle whenever you want, as many times as you want, within certain restrictions. Instagram is a username free-for-all.There’s a difference between your username and your display name. The display name is on your profile below your avatar. It doesn’t need to be unique to you, and it can contain emoji and special characters. (And yes, it can also be changed —up to two times within 14 days.)Your username, on the other hand, appears at the top of your profile and at the end of your profile’s URL. It needs to be unique to you. It’s also subject to more restrictions: it can’t be longer than 30 characters and can only contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. If you choose a new username, you can change it back within 14 days —if nobody else has claimed it.Whether you’ve changed your real-life name, you’re upgrading to a more professional username, or you’re just bored of your current moniker, you can change your handle in less than a minute. Here’s how.CHANGE YOUR USERNAME IN THE INSTAGRAM APPFirst, log in to your Instagram account on the iOS or Android app. If you have more than one account, double-check that you’re logged in to the one you’re trying to change.Tap your avatar icon in the bottom-right corner to go to your profileTap Edit profile under your bioTap the Username field and type in your new handleTap the blue checkmark in the upper right corner


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