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Instagram’s latest test makes it easier to support social causes

Instagram features for supporting causes via hashtags
Instagram is taking some of the hassle out of supporting a noble cause. The social network is testing a feature that gives you the choice of backing a movement when you search for its hashtag. You’ll see the option to either “spread the word” through direct messages or start a fundraiser to provide material aid.

The test is focused on a “handful” of hashtags linked to well-known social causes, including #BlackLivesMatter, #climatecrisis and #womensrights. Instagram said it consulted with a group of relevant organizations, such as GLAAD and the NAACP, before settling on this first list. The social media giant said it would collaborate with others to expand the range of eligible topics.
The experiment isn’t surprising. A feature like this could encourage more people to use hashtags and DMs. That, in turn, could keep you on Instagram where you might be tempted to leave for TikTok, where “Donation Stickers” have long been an option for creators hoping to rally support.


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