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Wish Arabia ‘s job was to bring their idea to life, from building their brand strategy to brand identity all the way to the website.

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Fenjan Coffee is a one-stop shop for all coffee related products. The #1 online marketplace for coffee in UAE, it has a variety of choices provided by leading coffee brands and partners directly to consumers while offering exclusive benefits and offers to club members.



Fejnan Coffee branding concept is focused on bringing a unique tone of voice through personalization in brand communications.


The Result


We were looking for a contemporary execution with an underlying sense of familiarity and character. So we worked on visuals that convey’s an enthusiastic, friendly approach by creating the known (excellence) hand gesture logo symbol that people express on daily bases to help create the connection between the consumer and the brand, and to create a signature for the brand. Colors and typography demonstrates a sense of contemporarily. And the hand drawing illustrations connects people emotionaly with the brand image. The result is a cutting-edge brand identity that people can connect with and trust.

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