Reddit is reportedly exploring the addition of TikTok-like video features

Reddit is looking into the possibility of introducing some video features reminiscent of TikTok’s, according to TechCrunch. While the project is still in its very early stages and hasn’t even entered the testing phase yet, TechCrunch says it could include TikTok-like video editing tools that make it easy for you to “react” to another person’s post or to incorporate it into your content.

On TikTok, you can use a feature called Duet to put your video side by side with another user’s to create remixes, parodies and the like. In 2020, the service also introduced Stitch, which lets you integrate scenes from another video into your own. It enabled the quick creation of funny responses to viral videos and even responses that fact check wrong information going around on the platform. Reddit does allow you to post videos on its website, but it doesn’t have features like Duet and Stitch yet.
You probably wouldn’t think of Reddit if you’re made to list social networks with a focus on video. And the goal of this project isn’t to create a TikTok competitor, but rather to provide its users another way to engage in discussions, especially if the original post is also a video. Reddit did purchase TikTok rival Dubsmash back in 2020, but it shut down the service in February this year and incorporated video features from the defunct video-sharing platform. This particular project will also use video technology from Dubsmash.


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