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Work: eCommerce Solutions, Branding, Mobile App Development


Skin Shop

Skin Shop is an online shop that is specialized in skin care and beauty products.


Features Offered

-SEO Friendly website

-Product Navigation

-Search Box

-Product Cart

-Payment Methods




Skin Shop wanted to stand out and dominate in a highly competitive industry. In order to make that happen, Wish Arabia had to find a proper strategy to increase Skin Shop’s revenue and create a hassle-free shopping experience for the customers.



With the target-audience in mind, Wish Arabia built a website that is both appealing and engaging with quick sales conversion. After the optimization of the website itself, we worked on the marketing aspect of the business by running targeted campaigns and implementing an adequate SEO strategy.
Wish Arabia also created a mobile app to make it easier for the customers to access the website through their phone. With the right UI/UX, Skin Shop became an app loved by many.

Wish for a Successful Online Business!

The Recipe to eCommerce Success Starts With an Appealing Website.