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eCommerce Web Design & Development


Lamolina Chocolate

Lamolina Chocolate is an online shop based in KSA and offers high-quality artisan chocolate that is made in Tuscany



Open Project

Lamolina approached us to help them implement ecommerce solutions to their website to allow their customers to shop online with ease. The website was very static and unappealing to the customers due to its poor design.


Features Offered

  • User-friendly website
  • High-resolution photo and videos
  • Functional payment gateway
  • Easy product management


payment gateway and an inventory management system

A functional payment gateway and an inventory management system was implemented on the website as an eCommerce solution. Implementing these systems allows the customers to make their orders online, and the inventory management system helps the company keep track of its stock.


Full Responsive

The website redesign made it more appealing to the customers, thus generating more leads and increasing the number of customers.

By making the website more dynamic and responsive, the eCommerce website became easier to navigate by the customers.