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Lavolla is a Saudi brand that offers a line of natural beauty care products for skin & hair. Their products are made from all-natural ingredients that are rich in herbal extracts, natural oils to assure safety and results as this brand stands as an alternative to harmful chemical products.



Open Project
  • Challenge

    Our task was to create a visual identity that will help present the brand in a consistent, recognizable, and proprietary way while expressing the brand's values. So we worked together with the client to analyze the current brand image, then we took a step back to understand where the problem was and how we can make the brand appear consistent in all communication channels.

The Project

Brand Refresh


  • Brand Identity Manual
  • Stationary
  • Landing Page

The Solution.

For brand positioning, we started by identifying the main brand attributes so when you look at the brand it instantly sparks one of the following:

  • Nature
  • Fresh
  • Relaxing
  • Trustworthy

Then we introduced a new modern visual identity to overwrite the old style while keeping the logo.

The new visual identity expresses a modern look that communicates nature to reinforce Lavolla’s brand message; ‘We believe that natural beauty comes from natural ingredients’

The new style has a warming, earthy, and relaxing feel.

The Results.

We’re excited to hear that Lavolla has received great feedback on the new image. We’re looking forward to seeing how the new identity will impact brand positioning!

Do you think it’s time to shake off your old brand image? Give us a call!