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Capturing the Business Wish List   

Start right! It was not only a shoutout by our team, but also another example of our deep-rooted philosophy to get our partner’s job done properly.

Skin.Shop is a prominent e-commerce website that started with an enthusiastic team capturing thoroughly the needs, requirements, and goals of our partner.

This deep understanding served  as a route map for our team who resumed back to the office with an enthusiasm to convert these needs into a pre-defined strategy including an action plan and a timeline.

Our team breaked down the main two goals of developing an e-commerce website and creating a branding guidelines document into tangible actions supported with the needed tools and expertise.

Having a limited budget might be a challenge but not for us! We embrace efficiency and adopt effectiveness. Therefore, we utilized the budget that the partner allocated for the project focusing on the priorities and trying to get the best out of our resources.

Our success story spanned over 4 weeks where our team worked in full force to implement the strategy and converted the actions into daily non-stop operations.


At a Glimpse!

Skin.Shop wanted to develop an e-commerce website and a branding guidelines document. We created the strategy and the route map to put these wish list items into action paving the way for an impactful lead generation and sales process.

Over the course of 4 weeks, our team worked around the clock  to create an appealing website that serves as a one-stop-shop for customers in addition to coming up with creative approaches to reach customers.

All these efforts led to significant increase in sales and conversion rates, especially that the client was facing challenges the year before.

The sales were increased by 300% in addition to reduction in cost per acquisition by 30% in addition to 50% increase in conversion rate.

All this helped the client focus on growth and development of new and competitive products.

Our outstanding endeavours enabled our client to not only regain its market position but also to stay ahead of the competition.


Translating it into an action

Breaking down the 4 weeks, everyday was a success story on its own. Every team member worked in sync with the other to utilize the related expertise and knowledge and make it all  fall under the overall objective. The team focused on implementing the strategy in a phased-out process starting with the testing and creating the needed funnels until the development and lead generation.

We created two funnels, for the purchasing through the website in addition to the lead generation funnel.

To develop the e-commerce website and mobile application, our team:

  • Designed & Built a New Highly-Customised Ecommerce Website
  • Customized the mobile application to be aligned with the website and served as a store for the customers
  • Integrated with Stock Management System & Drop-Shipping Partner
  • Created Google Ads & Facebook & SNAPAd Campaigns to Grow Sales

For UX & CRO our team:

  • Increased Conversion Rate by Over 50%
  • Revamped Branding to Provide Greater Visual Impact
  • Reviewed & Optimized User Journeys
  • Pushed Core Values:
  • Showcased the Brand’s Glowing User Review

For the B2B E-commerce  Website, our team:

  • Deployed Branded ‘Coming Soon’ Holding Page
  • CMS Setup & Configuration
  • Wireframes to Final Designs
  • Custom Lead-Generation Pages for B2B Enquiries
  • Theme Customisations & Development
  • Launch & SEO Support
  • Tracking & Tagging Set-Up for Facebook Ads
  • Goals Agreed & Set Up
  • Custom Reporting Dashboards
  • Technical SEO Fixes
  • Content Optimised for SEO


Business Wish List in Action

We put our expertise at the disposal of our partner working on the below areas:

  • Website Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Branding Guidelines Creation
  • Customer Experience
  • Sales andLead Generation
  • SEO Performance
  • Social Media Management

Our team possess the knowledge of these areas and their ins and outs, therefore they were able to apply the magical formula where every component serves the other one in an impressive harmony and sync.


Enjoying the Impact! 

Developing a dynamic e-commerce website and an appealing branding guidelines document is an achievement on its own. But the sky is the only limit for our team. Our efforts led to reducing the cost per acquisition by 30% and this was accompanied by a triple increase in sales compared to last year. The conversion rate was increased by 50% thanks to our lead generation efforts.

Our team reached these remarkable numbers in only 10 days which was a new record for us added to our success wish list!


Achieved Lists.. Happy Partners

We love hearing positive feedback from our partners. This is how Skin Shop team talked about Wish Arabia:

In this accelerating  world, being ahead is a challenge. But thanks to the efforts of Wish Arabia team who have expertise in lead generation, marketing, social media, sales, and customer experience we were able not only to overcome the challenges we faced last year but also to achieve outstanding numbers in sales and conversion rates. Wish Arabia team were an integral part of our team where they created new opportunities, came up with creative ways to attract customers in addition to being very prompt and responsive”.

Looking Ahead

We build long-term relationships with our customers, therefore, all of what has been done was only the beginning. Our team utilized the results to sustain the successes and come up with new approaches for sales and lead generation coping with the latest global trends. And as we believe in the inclusive approach, we keep monitoring the website performance, enhance the SEO, reach the target audience via Social Media, and improve the customer experience. We help our partners stay ahead of the competition!